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The Necessity of Courage

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Courage is the virtue that separates the exceptional from the average. It is of the utmost necessity to develop courage in your life because without it, you will be subject to the will of those who have it.

Why You Need to Be Brave

Being kind and intelligent is great but without courage, your kindness and intelligence will not find a path of expression. Courage is the ability to confront your fear with grace. Grace under pressure will set you apart from the average man. The reason for the necessity of courage is, unfortunately, the reality of evil. There are men who are intelligent and BAD and courageous, and these men are villains in the world; men who are capable of tricking and stealing and hurting people. There is only one type of man who can stop the Strong Bad Man and that is the Strong Good Man. A good man who lacks the courage to put himself at risk to fight the bad man is useless.

How to Build Courage

Simple. Start small and build up. What is something that you are afraid?

Are you frightened of dogs? Get a puppy.

Are you afraid of the ocean? Learn to swim in a pool.

Are you afraid of heights? Go to a wall climbing gym.

Are you afraid of fighting? Take a martial arts class and spar.

Start small and build up.

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