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Principles and Disciplines to Unleash the Warrior Within


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Released May 5, 2022

Direct and brutally honest, Rafa Conde debunks the myth of toxic masculinity, redefining what it is to be a 21st Century Man.

Men have lost their warrior spirit and have become soft. They have abdicated their roles and failed to lead themselves, their families and businesses. Conde is on a life mission to change this paradigm. He makes a compelling case for the modern revival of the ancient warrior codes.


This book explores the strategies and philosophies of ancient warrior cultures and their commanders. Throughout history, leaders like Marcus Aurelius, King David, and King Leonidas exhibited manly courage. Their ability to influence others and embody the warrior spirit was unquestionable.

Spartans, Samurais, and Knights lived by an exemplary code of conduct and exhibited fearlessness in combat. Zen and Stoicism played vital roles in forging mental toughness and courage. Today, the influence of these mindsets are seen in successful entrepreneurs, high achievers, and champion athletes.

These long-lost principles, states of mind, and strategies have been consolidated into 25 FORGING DISCIPLINES with direct application in the modern world. By embodying these disciplines in your life you will emerge a stronger leader, visionary, father, and husband. Essentially a 21st Century Man.

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