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In it's Rawest Form The Men of War Crucible is a Rite of Passage that is designed for MEN. 

After graduation the gates into the Men of War Society open and you enter the most powerful brotherhood of 21st Century Men in the world.  


We Weaponize Businessmen, CEO's, Leaders and Warrior Minded Men with High Level Strategies, Philosophies and Tactics Utilized by Elite Ancient Warrior Cultures.


The Men of War Crucible extracts, interprets and implements these profound elements into modern life for success in all facets of a Man's Domain.


After coaching over 10,000 men we have pierced the veil into the world of Warrior Development. By implementing key training elements which have been lost for hundreds of years, this program immerses you in a world that only a few have experienced. We continue to evolve and bring you the most effective methods to transform men into modern day warriors.


This is much more than a "program", it is a way of life. We don't hire fancy big name outside contractors in order to try to sell you a  "cool program". The men who attend this Rite of Passage do so because they believe in Man of War Paragon (Philosophy to Live Life) and the Men of War Society.

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